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To Reshape or Changing the shape of your nose is cosmetic procedure Plastic surgeon change the shape surgically is called rhinoplasty. It is very important to remember that Finding the right plastic and cosmetic surgeon in the world specially for rhinoplasty surgery in Pakistan to give you the new look As per your requirement or you want. Dr Amin are working as senior plastic and cosmetic surgeon in lahore, Pakistan since 2010 and he is one of top and  an expert surgeon in facial plastic surgery specially  rhinoplasty. To Achieve the perfect and natural nasal shape which compliment the rest of your face is key Pakistan The most Patient who want to get most common change will be for their smaller nose or Nose that has less of a hump. At Our clinic ( Cosmoplast Lahore) Our plastic surgeon often like to say their patient that confidence in life is beautiful- Is your nose is not correct Functionally andmight primarily want a functional recovery, or do you want  to have a perfect nose after Rhinoplasty to compliment the rest of your face


Dr Amin uses the Vectra XT system For nose reshaping surgery which is the latest and most advanced way to perform simulations to determine what a rhinoplasty could look like for you. Naturally, the simulation machine doesn’t perform the surgery but it is the very best way for us to define exactly what kind of goals you have. Dr Amin Rhinoplasty surgeon in Lahore will take you through the Complete Rhinoplasty process so we’ll know exactly what the patient is demanding from the plastic surgeon. Jus tafter the  Rhinoplasty Results You can see that what Rhinoplasty give you new shape will look like  and make sure it looks in harmony with the rest of your face.


There is basically two type Of Rhinoplasty doctor in lahre Dr Amin performedThe difference between a closed and open rhinoplasty is a small, plastic surgeon make very small .imperceptible cut on the underside of your nose called the columellar. An open rhinoplasty has this small cut and small incisions around the inside of the nostrils. The most common way of performing this procedure is with an open rhinoplasty as it gives unparalleled access to the structure of your nose- namely the cartilage and the bone.
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